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Sermon Name Sermon Series Date Speaker
My Identity in Christ Part 2 Sermons May 24, 2020
My Identity in Christ Part 3 Sermons May 10, 2020
Sunday Sermon Sermons May 4, 2016
Sunday Sermon Sermons May 17, 2020
Sunday Sermon Sermons June 7, 2020
Sunday Sermon Sermons April 26, 2020
The Incredible Power Of Prayer With Fasting Part 1 Sermons July 1, 2020
The Incredible Power Of Prayer With Fasting Part 2 Sermons July 5, 2020

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Post Name Categories Date Author
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Churches usher in new year with prayer, thanksgiving Blog January 2, 2017
ICGC Good News Temple Celebrates First Anniversary Blog, ICGC May 3, 2016
ICGC Liberty Temple Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary Blog July 15, 2014
It’s not the right time for churches to assemble – Otabil Blog, ICGC May 12, 2020
Tri-State Greater Works 2013 Blog August 11, 2013